From gifs to product demos, animation tells a brand's story in an engaging and memorable way. 


Shutterstock Holiday Gifs

What could be more fun than giving gifs for the holidays? I conceptualized and managed a custom gif generator using Shutterstock imagery. Users could choose from 8 gifs, write a custom message and choose from a set of fonts. Gifs were posted on social media and emailed to friends. The site supported 8 languages.

Creative Team: Eric Sams, Denis Sazhin, Jordan Roland, Deanna Paquette, David Kroner

Value Message

Creative Process

Shutterstock Subscription Videos

I led the creation of these marketing videos for the Shutterstock purchase page. We to A/B tested the creative approach of each video – one being a direct response value message, the other about how a Shutterstock subscription makes it easier to be creative.

Creative Team: Eric Sams, Jael Topek, Patrick Williams, Diana Aydin