Hear what people have to say about working with Eric.

I love working with Eric. He is always thinking outside of the box when it comes to design — not settling for anything unless he knows it’s the best possible way to execute. I was very lucky to have him as my manager. Not only did he care about my work, he helped me develop goals and gave me the confidence to challenge myself in new ways.
— Emilia Naberezny, Shutterstock
Eric is an extremely talented Art Director. He’s a master of the creative process — digital, print & OOH, and possesses a keen sense for how to utilize design based on the set goals of a project - in addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Tia Chriss, Shutterstock
Eric creates intuitive and engaging experiences. He knows how a product should look, feel and work. Even in the early days of our partnership, Eric displayed the ability to manage multiple projects, clients, and budgets with nimbleness, calmness of spirit and on time delivery. Eric’s work provided me the ability to build strong relationships, develop unprecedented brand experiences and stand out from the competition.
— Junny Ann Hibbert, RISE, A Division of ESPN
Eric always brings innovative and creative marketing solutions that help grow brands to the next stratosphere.
— Bora Park, Essence


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